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Wow! Said the Owl
Wow! Said the Owl
Little Angel Theatre
2 - 5
2 Sept - 5 November 2017
Adult: £12.50; Child: £10.50
Friday 06 October 2017

As the leaves turn gold and crimson, our thoughts might turn to all the beautiful hues we start to see around us. This autumn, learning about colours has never been more inventive or as awe-inspiring as with Wow! Said the Owl at Little Angel Theatre. This original production of the book by Tim Hopgood is a true lesson in surprise and delight. We meet the Owl, who one day defiantly decides to stay awake during the day (even though that’s not what little owls are supposed to do, is it now?). But imagine how bright and colourful the day would seem if you had only ever seen the night? By staying awake she begins to experience the most wonderful day, in full technicolour.

Blue is the colour of the bright blue sky, whilst white fluffy clouds sail by. The sun is a yellow-senorita who gets the whole audience to sing along with her joyous song. Orange opera singing flowers want to dance and jive. Green is the colour of the viney leaves that hang from the little bird’s nest. Each colour is revealed through a mastery of puppetry and design and allows us to feel like we really are going on a colour adventure with the little Owl. In full rainbow and psychedelic glory, the Owl swoops and soars out right into the audience – leaving young audience members with eyes just as wide as our feathered friend!

The joy of the show lies in its simplicity, taking an ostensibly limited theme and discovering the gems that lie within. The welcoming atmosphere of the theatre goes a long way too, making parents and little ones feel as if they were at home. As the day draws to a close, the little Owl has had quite the adventure, but she starts to feel tired as night draws in. In the cosy, comfy and welcoming setting of the Little Angel, as we begin to feel our eyelids droop and the yawns come on, the little Owl begins to see that the night-time stars really are the most beautiful thing of all. Those twinkly little things are definitely a view worth staying awake for – which is just as it should be.

Wow Said the Owl is on at the Little Angel Theatre until the 5th November. For more information or to book tickets, please visit the website

Curious Mum