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Town Hall Cherubs
Town Hall Cherubs
Battersea Arts Centre
2 - 5
2 Dec 2015 - 3 Jan 2016
£10 - £14
Monday 07 December 2015

Something is amiss at Battersea Arts Centre…the floor, the ceiling and even the stairs seem to be alive! But fear not, the building wants to be your friend, the building needs your help. Town Hall Cherubs asks its tiny audience (of 2 – 5 year olds!) to take a closer look at all its nooks and crannies. From tiny doors, to twinkly lights, no corner is left un-decorated in this rather gorgeous site-specific adventure, directed by Sarah Golding.

Our guide, the wonderful Dani (Danielle Marshall), leads us on a rather special tour, ready to hold everyone’s hand if need be! Along the way we spot bees and sandstone but the most exciting thing we spy, way up high, are the ever so lovely cherubs. And one of these delightful creatures, acted by the brilliant Barra Collins, ventures down to play with us…except he now can’t find his way back to his cherub family.

Truly interactive, the children are engrossed from the get go. An exploratory mission, this is a production that makes little ones appreciate the history and the architecture of the Battersea Arts Centre in very innovative ways. Little faces gaze on in wonder as they peer into a mirror on the floor, looking down to look up at Cherubs’ friends on the ceiling…who have been there for 120 years!

Lead through different rooms with many a surprise hidden inside, the most thrilling installation we encounter has to be a curiously giant wooden structure. ‘It’s a bed!’ cries one voice. ‘Want to take a look underneath?’ asks Cherub. Lo and behold – a giant kaleidoscope! From buses to dinosaurs, little voices eagerly shout out what they see.

A sense of wonderment flows through the show and the giggling never stops. Gentle, playful and for the explorer in all of us, Battersea Arts Centre will never look the same again after you’ve been on the lookout for the Town Hall Cherubs.

Curious Mum