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The Tiger Who Came to Tea
The Tiger Who Came To Tea
5 - 31 December 2017
From £9
Thursday 07 December 2017

Sophie lives with her Mummy and Daddy. One day, a big, furry, stripy tiger knocks on the door and invites himself in for tea. This absolute classic from Judith Kerr and faithfully translated for stage by David Wood is charming and delightful from the off.

Sophie’s Daddy leaves to go to work, leaving Sophie and her Mummy to enjoy the day at home. The audience helps Sophie count the hours of the day using the big clock in the kitchen, so we see her having breakfast, elevensies, lunch and finally tea. Between each course, a different character from the beloved storybook knocks on the door, leaving Sophie and her Mummy wondering ‘who could that be?’ It can’t be the postman, the deliveryman or Daddy (because he’s got his keys), so by tea time that can only mean one thing – it’s the Tiger! Every audience member (young and old!) are now on the edges of their seats, waiting for the Tiger’s arrival. And what a glorious tiger he is! Fluffy, fabulous – he purrfectly charms the audience, even encouraging everyone to join in with his Tiger-robics class!

Every child was full of delight to see Sophie and her Mummy hosting the Tiger for tea. The Tiger is very hungry (of course) and eats everything in the kitchen! Including; the water in the taps, Daddy’s beer and all the tea in the teapot. As he slurps, munches and crunches his way through the packets in the cupboard, it’s nearly time for him to go. And what a goodbye the Tiger receives. Waving and dancing as he bids us goodbye – this beautiful, mesmerising and sympathetic adaptation is drawing to an end. Whilst the children in the audience grin ear to ear knowing they have finally seen a ‘real’ tiger, plenty of Mums and Dads have a tear in their eye, from seeing their favourite childhood book finally come to life too. The only question remaining is ‘are there any tickets left so we can go again?’

Catch him if you can, and invite yourself to tea at artsdepot this December. The Tiger Who Came to Tea is on now until 31st December.

Curious Mum