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The Tap Dancing Mermaid
The Tap Dancing Mermaid
On Tour
4 March - 1 May 2016
Thursday 25 February 2016

Meet Marina Skippett, the happy-go-lucky little lady with big dreams of becoming the best tap dancer the world has ever seen. A lively and crowd-pleasing character, she is beautifully brought to life by solo performer Tessa Bide, and in this self-devised production, she takes us by the hands (and toes!) on a quirky journey of dancing and discovery in The Tap Dancing Mermaid.

One bright night, our nocturnal narrator – the flickering, full moon – tells us an intriguing tippety-tappity tale while keeping a watchful eye on Marina, and all 7 billion of us on earth too! The entrancing voiceover of the mysterious moon has us under a spell as we learn of his amazing adventures around our planet. Under nature’s spotlight Marina shows off her talent, has us clapping out the beat and leaves us longing to twinkle on our toes – we definitely spied lots of foot fidgeting going on! Marina’s only problem is a certain evil Auntie, one hilariously handled lampshade puppet, who does not approve of her hoppity-poppity ways…although she certainly has the audience lapping up her loopy-ness!

The (tap) show must go on and Marina escapes to the sea-shore and shares her woes with a chip-catching rather hilarious gull and discovers a buddy in the boardwalk itself, where her taps sound just terrific! A spectacular footwork frenzy from Bide has the youngsters craning forward in their chairs and wriggling to the rhythm. With the moon as her minder, she tap dances her worries away and makes friends with Leo the Merman where she makes a magical transformation into a mermaid! But how will she shuffle and stomp and make tapping sounds in the sea…and with a tail?!

An educational interlude brings a conch-load of delight with some audience participation and in this hop-stepping story, you’ll definitely learn something new, like a lovely lullaby with Tessa and her ukulele – just another few strings to her talented bow! Was it really just one woman conducting this entire hour of entertainment?! A satisfying sea-story for all (when our curious companion heard the title, he thought it may be a show just for girls but definitely not; he was the one laughing the loudest!) you cannot help but be touched and tickled by this happy-tappy, finger-snappy tale.

Curious Mum