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Unicorn Theatre
3 - 5
26 January - 11 March 2018
From £10
Wednesday 07 February 2018

It’s not easy being a 3 year old. So many things you want to do and so much to say, but somehow it doesn’t always come out as intended. And when it comes to friendship, every parent knows that any playdate at this age is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Seesaw at the Unicorn Theatre is a show about just that, the highs and lows of a friendship between a little boy and a little girl. What we like about this production – as with so many plays directed by Sarah Argent – it’s not about the games they play (or not play as they rarely agree on anything) but about the intensity of a relationship when you are that young. Throughout the show, the focus is on the interaction between our “little” protagonists (Katherine Carlton and Ben Hadi). The atmosphere is electrifying -both children and adults are enthralled from start to finish.

Parents are lovingly reminded of just how hard it is to express yourself when you are that young. You don’t mean to be “not nice”, but sometimes emotions are just too much to cope with and you end up saying or doing things you really didn’t mean (watch out for the occasional pushing!).

But the best time yet was had by the young people in the theatre, it’s such a familiar premise – a sandpit, a seesaw and two children who keep meeting in the sandpit, and although each time they are really happy to see each other, somehow they can’t quite figure out how to play together or share, paving the way to numerous hilarious scenes making the little people in the audience laugh out loud and jump in their seats with delight.

The seesaw as a moral metaphor is cleverly integrated into the play and is easily understood by the young viewers. At the end, the boy and the girl, find a way to show their affection for each other which is touching, amusing and innocent all at the same time, and of course they have a jolly good go on the seesaw! After all a seesaw is only really fun when you have a friend on the other side.

Putting to practice the important message of sharing and being kind to one another, everyone was invited to play side-by-side in the giant sandpit after the show. Parents ushered their children forward, slightly nervous of their behaviour. But let us assure you, there was no pushing or shoving, everybody enjoyed playing together which is no small thing after what could have seemed like a relatively long time sitting still and not eating for small “hangry” people! 

Seesaw is showing at Unicorn Theatre until 11th of March 2018. To book tickets, please visit the website.

Curious Mum