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Noggin the Nog
Noggin the Nog
Leicester Square Theatre
6 - 12
10 - 11 March 2018
From £10
Saturday 27 January 2018

We adventured into the land of the North and listened to the marvellous stories of the good-hearted king, Noggin the Nog. Paying a tribute to Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate’s famous children’s TV series, Third Party theatre take on this old time classic and breathe a new life into the much loved Sagas of Noggin the Nog. The result is an exciting production that not only takes you back to your childhood but also adds a fresh, comical flair, capturing audiences young and old, whether or not they are familiar with the characters and their exploits.

The brilliance of the original series lies in its simplicity and ability to capture the imagination and it was pleasing to see that Third Party followed the same path. Two stories are being told; a tale of Noggin travelling to the land of the midnight sun to find a wife, and then to the land of hot water where the ice dragon is causing trouble for the little people.

What we loved is that each tale started off just as the original cartoon and all the lovable characters, including Noggin’s surprisingly well-mannered Viking crew that love hot tea and buttered toast, the talking green bird Graculus and of course Nogbad the Bad – the devilishly charming villain thanks to Anthony Gleave’s portrayal – are all present. They are brought to life by a superb cast of four whose maturity brought a certain wittiness and stature to the production. They are effortlessly funny and engaging, and they have the audience wrapped around their finger from the get go.

The show is a winning mix of puppetry, projections and a sharp script. It is particularly commendable that both the projections and the puppets resonate with the original series with fragments of the original cartoon seemingly woven into the show, but it’s the Pynthonesque nature of the production that adds a new, delicious dimension to the play, creating a whole new fan base for the Nogs.

Noggin the Nog is showing at Leicester Square Theatre on 10 – 11 March 2018. To book tickets, please visit the website.

Curious Mum