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My Brother, My Sister and Me
My Brother, My Sister and Me
Polka Theatre
3 - 5
18 Oct 2017 - 11 Feb 2018
Thursday 18 January 2018

When the new baby arrives, a brother and sister now have to share a bedroom. The sister’s old room has been made into a nursery and naturally they are less than thrilled about the prospect. But maybe being in the same room won’t be all that bad, or will it? In this endearing narrative which is all too familiar to many parents and children alike, the topic of sibling’s love, rivalry, squabbles and, ultimately, eternal friendship is explored with tenderness and masses of humour.

Performed in the intimate Adventure theatre at the Polka, the young audience members can cozy up on the carpet and see the play up close (resulting in some very enthusiastic viewers getting quite involved in the play). Brought to life by Leona Allen and Craig Gazey, the two actors do a brilliant job in portraying children that are faced with the not-so-easy task of having to share a room.  They are playful, believable and engaging, despite their obvious adult physique, and at no point childish or condescending.

We watch them quarrel, establishing room rules and territory borders; “You are breathing my air, that’s annoying!” We also watch them building that very special bond that siblings share in scenes which are simply magical. Like when they share sweets in the middle of the night or have sudden cuddles and in acts of kindness. What we love so much about this play is that the focus is at all times on the two siblings. It’s their world with all its ups and stuff downs, anger and joy, and whatever happens outside has little relevance as long as they have each other.

Written and directed by Sarah Argent, an expert in the field of young children’s theatre, this play is another success to add to her already long list of exceptional productions for the youngest theatre goers. With plenty of sweet moments that would make your heart melt and funny scenes that would have your little ones giggling away, My Brother, My Sister and Me is a wonderful show for all young children whether they have a sibling or not.

Curious Mum