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Cinderella: A Fairy Tale
Cinderella: A Fairy Tale
Unicorn Theatre
26 Nov 2013 – 5 Jan 2014
From £15
Tuesday 10 December 2013
Image: © Unicorn Theatre

With the festive season now firmly upon us, a bit of magic and sparkle is just what we need, and we most certainly found this at the Unicorn Theatre with Cinderella: A Fairy Tale. Offering a truly charming, somewhat unconventional take on the classic tale, prepare to be whisked away to the woodland in this witty and whimsical production.

Ella is a big fan of three things: the birds, dancing and her loving Dad. But after her father spontaneously remarries and then suddenly dies, Ella’s world is turned upside down. Subjected to the dastardly demands of her hideous step-mother and her sour step-siblings (who in this play take the form of twin brother and sister), she soon becomes far removed from her feathery friends and finds herself cleaning not dancing. Forced to sleep in the cinders of the fire – hence the name – life for Ella is lonely and sad.

But good fortune happens to lie ahead when she manages to escape the watching eyes of her gruesome twosome step-siblings, sneaking out to her beloved wood, where she happens to discover a fellow bird enthusiast wandering in the wild. Who could this mysterious, bumbling bird-lover be? Could he in fact be the key to her happiness (a pink flamingo in bird talk)? Filled with both shocks and delights, expect a surprising and eccentric prince, a dazzling ball and a fabulous feathery god-mother make-over, involving a diamond encrusted doc martins!

With its acoustic music, atmospheric set and quirky costume choices, this production was a joy to watch. We squealed with laughter when the twins were preparing for the Prince’s ball, as the sister failed miserably to ‘glide, glide, pose’, whilst her brother preformed this seductive tactic to perfection, (meaning he too was forced into a bright pink dress and bow!). There was also plenty of audience interaction, particularly from the prince, who was dashing in more literal sense than most, clambering through the rows and snuggling in to seek love advice from those married members of the audience.  But amongst the laughter, there was some Brothers Grim tasteful horror… we wouldn’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say if the shoe doesn’t fit the foot, the foot will fit the shoe!!

This original and imaginative production was wonderful from start to finish and a real treat for both children and adults alike. Prepare to gasp, giggle and be simply swept away by Cinderella.

Curious Mum