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Nature’s Skin Care
Friday 20 September 2013

We all know that honey does magic when it comes to colds and sore throats but who could have thought it can also work miracles on your skin? Lucky coincidence brought us together with Honey Therapeutics, run by skincare specialists Sophia and Michelle, who base ALL their treatments on honey.

Go figure that honey – that very same honey we eat every day – can revitalise, moisturise, heal and firm skin, all at the same time. Best of all, it’s 100% natural. Makes you question the staggering amount of money we spend on expensive moisturisers, cleansers and anti-wrinkle serums, when we could be turning to one single product found in our food cupboard!

Sophia’s background has always been in the skincare and health sector, but after having spent a few years living in Greece, (if there’s one nation that knows their honey!), she has learned how honey, the most natural ingredient used in skincare, can be applied to tackle a various amount of issues. From acne treatments to deep hydration, honey, if applied correctly, is extremely versatile and can help in making your skin the best it can be.

After returning to London, and joining Michelle, a talented beautician that happens to be Sofia’s cousin, the girls had a vision to bring honey treatments to the UK and prove that there’s no need to spend money on expensive products filled with non-natural ingredients and chemical enhancers to get the best out of your skin.

How we know it works? Been there, done that, can’t live without it! It was one of the most amazing facials we’ve had. By massaging honey into the skin, you get exfoliation, cleansing and deep hydration, all at the same time. Afterwards, skin looks so radiant that there’s no need to put on make-up for the rest of the day, and that’s coming from someone who never leaves the house without a good layer of foundation. Plus, the sweet smell of honey that stays with you for the day is simply divine.

Sophia and Michelle, both mums themselves, know how difficult it is to find ‘me-time’ in a mother’s busy day and that’s why, in addition to their lovely venue in Barnes, they also do home-visits, where you can enjoy a dose of youthful syrup form Honey Therapeutics without leaving the comfort of your home. We say looking younger has never been easier. Listen up Jennifer Aniston, you might want to rethink those laser peels after all!

Curious Mum