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Get Into The Groove
Friday 31 January 2014

It is no secret that here at Curious Mum we are firm believers that learning should be fun. Seeing children interact with knowledge and embrace it in a stimulating and playful way is truly magical. Unfortunately the reality of our schooling system can sometimes make it feel as if it’s all work and no play, piling stress on the kids with little or no time for enjoyment. Children are under immense pressure and as mothers we go to extreme lengths to help prepare them for exam season.

When we met with Groovy Art Workshops, we were inspired by their approach to studying. Like us, Groovy believe that learning is a creative process best achieved by raising children’s curiosity for the subject. Building on their background in both education and art, Groovy ingeniously combine creativity with academia offering completely unique professional tutoring services in English and Maths.

The tutors draw up a specific programme for each and every child, enhancing their artistic side and making learning a fun and inquisitive adventure, whilst ticking all the boxes of the National Curriculum and beyond. When we asked them what qualities they look out for in their tutors, astonishingly their first answer was ‘educators who are not afraid to have fun.’

Every lesson is different; a child who struggles with numbers but is really good at drawing will soon learn that maths can be explained through art and once this link is made the perception of the subject is changed forever. No more fear. No more of the ‘I am not good at it’ attitude. Groovy unlock children’s potential and release them from the anxieties gained in formal education so that they can excel in subjects they never thought they could master. We have to admit, last time we were this inspired by tutoring was whilst watching Geoffrey Rush in The King’s Speech.

To mark the launch of their new website, Groovy are currently running an exciting poetry competition – Christmas Past. With tutoring lessons and children books to be won, we say put your thinking caps on, start composing and above all have fun!

Curious Mum