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I Imagine
Friday 28 March 2014

Who doesn’t love a good story? Especially when you can make it about you! I imagine by Bizzibrains is a storybook app that is probably among the best featured in the App Store right now. The reasons for this are numerous; it is free, unique, customisable, interactive and most of all it is still a storybook that keeps your child immersed and occupied.

The app opens up with three characters that your child can create. Firstly themselves, then a grown up and finally a toy. The customising options are various from gender to outfits but the best feature has to be the option of using one of your own photos. Think Elf Yourself!! You can also then name your character using the microphone which records your voice and then plays back whenever the characters name is mentioned in the story. (Boy is this a popular feature with kids!).

The story you’ll star in is about the child wanting the grown up to play with them. However the grown up is busy so makes numerous suggestions of what the child could do by themselves, your little one will help the child in the app to build sand castles, draw and run by clicking on various objects.

By the end of the tale the child realises that by using their imagination they can have fun on their own. A powerful message cleverly hidden underneath all the story-telling and interactivity!

I Imagine is an absolute must have app in your collection. It’s a novel way of storytelling with beautiful illustrations and it lasts long enough to keep your child distracted. Perfect for a car or train journey, or simply to calm them down by sitting still! There is one in-app purchase of £1.99 which allows you to add two more characters to the book but this is only accessible in the parental menu which you can only access by knowing the three times table! We hope maths is your strong suit! Enjoy!

Curious Mum