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Why Animals Can’t Ride Scooters…
Why Animals Can’t Ride Scooters And You Can…
Darren Ruddell
Stephanie Rohr
Serious Comedy
Wednesday 08 June 2016

Never mind walking on four legs, flying with wings, or slithering along the floor, some animals just want to get from A to B on two wheels. Serious Comedy’s Why Animals Can’t Ride Scooters And You Can conjures up some rather hilarious scenarios to put any learner scooter rider at ease.

Whether you ride your scooter to school, round the park or all the way to the zoo, there’s some really good road safety tips to pick up while you flick through the pages of this brilliant book. You may laugh at the giraffe who gets in a “terrible tangle” and the hare who “loses some fur off his bottom” but you’ll also learn from these unfortunate animals’ mistakes.

With a lot of crash, bang, wallop, Stephanie Rohr’s slapstick illustrations almost jump out of the book, giving this story meets guidebook an extra lease of life. Darren Ruddell manages to cleverly fit a story on each page, each animal faring no better than the last at mastering the art of scooter maneuvering.

Hopefully though, by the end of the book, little humans will know the ins and outs of the dos and don’ts of scooter riding, able to roll away with confidence!

Curious Mum