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Two Bikes in a Shed
Two Bikes in a Shed
Seamus Hilley
Stephanie Rohr
Serious Comedy
Thursday 31 March 2016

There were two in the shed and the little bike said “I’m scared”. Yes, it’s not just little people who get worried about pedaling out on their own for the first time. Their bike counterparts can feel the same way! Serious Comedy’s Two Bikes in a Shed is a cute and clever book to put the minds of tiny humans and tiny bikes at ease.

While big bike is excited to hit the road running, or cycling rather, little bike would rather stay inside and hide. What if he crashes into something? What if he falls over and hurts himself? Does he really trust his human Ben and Ben’s dad to keep him safe? Luckily big bike is on hand to help. Every bike started out as a beginner once, every bike makes mistakes, but with practice comes perfection…and it can be a lot of fun!

The whole concept is brilliant and the bright and funny illustrations and catchy rhymes really help the characters jump off the page. Developed with the help of Lewisham Council’s road safety team, intertwined into the rhymes are helpful little tips about how to stay safe on two wheels. This is a book that might just help both parent and child feel more confident about independent bike riding.

So the next time you take your bike out of the shed, remember that you are a team and that together the garden, the parks and the open road are yours to roam!

Curious Mum