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Babies All Wrapped Up
Monday 07 January 2013

Here at Curious Mum we unapologetically don’t give parenting advice. There is a wealth of knowledge and opinion out there (without us chipping in) if you’re inclined to open that huge wriggling can of worms, the net, groups, classes, dvds and of course books.

Now that another Curious Mum bubba is less than 10 weeks away we’ve found ourselves looking through our discarded pile of baby-related reading. How easily we can be lured into buying baby books with their full colour pictures and diagrams and glossy high grade pages, but many of them skirt around problems without giving you concise information or you end up with conflicting advice!

Now don’t think we’re bagging all baby books – far from it – we have recently come across an excellent book by Dr Claire Winstanley, Babies All Wrapped Up.

It is a very down to earth guide in easy to read sections covering a wealth of information that you just need to know as a parent. Dr Winstanley wrote the book to help parents sift through the copious amounts of information out there. “I just wanted answers quickly, the bottom line and somewhere to start.”

Perhaps her work as a GP has helped her really focus on what’s important to tell forthcoming parents or maybe because she’s a mother of 3 herself, we suspect the combination of the two have made this book the success it is at giving honest, current advice.

We loved the fact she covers the basics from how much sleep/milk do babies need at each age or how many blankets should one use? (No one tells you this stuff when you are handed your baby.) But she also gives very sound medical advice – for baby and new parents – on a host of conditions and illnesses, freely admitting when the medical profession is spilt or undecided.

So if you or someone you care about is expecting, we suggest you do them a favour and get them this book, it will save them hours of research and many sleepless nights worrying if they are caring for the baby properly.

We truly wish we could save you from all the sleepless nights but we’re not miracle workers!

Curious Mum