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An Animal ABC
An Animal ABC
Alice Pattullo
Alice Pattullo
Pavilion Books
Thursday 10 November 2016

ABC. It’s as easy as 123. But why not make learning the alphabet a bit more fun by mixing in some animal kingdom facts?! That’s exactly what author and illustrator Alice Pattullo has done in her glorious new picture book An Animal ABC.

A is for armadillo, short, stout and and round. Z is for zebra, striped black and white. A rhyming journey through the long tailed, the scaly, and the furry, little animal lovers are sure to revel in learning about 26 different creatures. Did you know that the ancient Greeks named the hippopotamus ‘river horse’? And were you aware that the uakari monkey has a cry that sounds like laughter?

Not only bursting with fun and fascinating facts, each page is a stunning work of art, an exhibition from A to Z! The illustrations of every animal are bright and bewitching, the detail making them pop off the page. And at the end of the book you can even test yourself on the different Creature Features you’ve learnt about, matching small illustrations to the animals.

An Animal ABC is an ingenious way to get to grips with the amazing beasts that grace the Earth. Keep your very own zoo of 26 animals on your bookshelf!

Curious Mum